About us

Aces Vapor, LLC

Aces Vapor, LLC was found in April of 2014 by Joshua Gearheart.  At the time, the industry was still new.  EGO batteries and EVOD tanks were the norm and the VG-heavy ratios that are popular today hadn't even been considered yet.  There were only a handful of companies producing a quality e-liquid that the average vape enthusiast could afford. 

Since 2014, Aces Vapor has grown it's offering while holding to it's standard that any customer would be able to afford and use our product, no matter their device or financial situation.  We've broken our product offering into 5 separate lines; 4 dedicated to a specific niche flavor category and one that caters to the customers that prefer a maximum VG ratio.  We are a small company that stands out among the sea of other other companies that have arisen in the vapor industry by standing by our original principles:  

  • Be affordable
  • Make products that everyone can enjoy
  • Treat every customer like family

Our team

Joshua Gearheart - The founder of the company still hold a hands-on approach.  In addition to managing the business itself, Joshua also jumps in and fills orders and handles customer service e-mails.
Tyler Bradley - Tyler handles day to day operations, fills wholesale orders, and handles customer service phone calls.  Tyler is generally the public face of the company and the voice on the other end of the phone when you call.

Jeff Bennett - Jeff handles most of the mixing duties and assists in order fulfillment.


"I met the owner of Aces Vapor at a local vape shop in the area (Vapor Express located in Southpoint, Ohio). Being a business owner myself, I was quite humbled by his promptness and serious level of commitment they have truly dedicated to their company. I'm more than happy to know that a quality e-liquid producer is based fairly close to my homestead which will allow for ease of access for my vaping needs.

I've yet to view their facilities, but from what I have heard it is a prime example of how a e-liquid producer should be set up. Their lab follows and meets all the requirements to be classified as a complete sanitary food preparation area that is free of decontaminates and all other harmful things.

This is a well-thought out company along with bright and ambitious individuals leading it whom are trying to set a standard in the industry. I fully support this company and their product while encouraging all others to try them out. They're very customer-oriented and respond well to suggestions, advice, and criticism."


"Best seller ever! Flavors are spectacular and every time I order the go above and beyond! Really fast shipping as well. Very happy with them, will keep ordering from them!"